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BARLEYmax™: from farm to table

Yenda Producers Co-Operative:
Our trusted growing partner

The Healthy Grain has exclusively partnered with Yenda Producers Co-Operative (and their farmers) to grow BARLEYmax™. Established in 1925 by a group of 10 like-minded farmers, Yenda Producers Co-Operative (YPC) still operates from their original site in Yenda, part of the Riverina District of New South Wales. Across their rich, 96-year history, YPC’s service offering has evolved to meet the requirements of their ever-evolving membership base and the diverse range of businesses it supports. There is one element that hasn’t changed, though – YPC’s unwavering support of their local community and their commitment to keeping communities together.

YPC’s mission is very simple – to provide their members with the support they need, in order to make doing business easier. The YPC team currently consists of 70 full time staff and over 1,800 shareholder members. YPC’s shareholder members benefit not only from the services and support that are provided, but also through the distribution of annual rebates and dividends.

BarleyMAX - farm to table

Fields of BARLEYmax™

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BarleyMAX - Farm to table community

Putting the community first

YPC have a long history of supporting their local community in the Riverina & North Eastern Victoria. From the Country Education Foundation to Give Me 5 for Kids Cancer charity, Foodbank to Riding for The Disabled, YPC’s support of local charities is diverse and impactful. A mainstay of the Yenda community of 96 years, the impact that YPC has made on their local community cannot be understated.

Yenda and The Healthy Grain: bringing BARLEYmax™ to your pantry

The Healthy Grain is proud to partner with Yenda Producers Co-Operative to bring BARLEYmax™ to pantries across Australia. Australia’s largest and most trusted food manufacturers use BARLEYmax™ – you can view the full range of BARLEYmax™ products here.

Meet Terry McFarlane, a YPC farmer growing BARLEYmax™

Terry is based in NSW, 15km east of Griffith. His farm has been in his family since 1963, originally run by his parents, until Terry took over in 1996 – and both Terry and his parents were members of YPC. In fact, before taking over his parents’ farm, Terry worked for YPC as an agronomist and has also served on the YPC board. When asked about the importance of YPC in supporting local farmers and the local community, Terry noted that ‘YPC have stuck with [him] through thick and thin. They understand the importance of relationships, and the value of trust and expertise that YPC provides’.

Terry McFarlane


The Healthy Grain maintains a close relationship with its Supplier, Yenda Producers Co-Operative (YPC) and their farmers in the Riverina region of NSW to support the growing of BARLEYmax™ in the most sustainable manner possible.

BARLEYmax™ is comparable to all other cereal grains, such as oats, wheat & standard barley in terms of physical requirements in growing and sowing and required inputs (water, fertilizers, & agricultural chemicals).

The Healthy Grain supply chain has been designed to ensure continuous supply of BARLEYmax™, with as minimal impact on the environment as possible.