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Nutrition Professionals

The Nutrition Professionals directory contains scientific literature to show case the evidence that supports The Healthy Grain portfolio.

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Consumption of Cereal Fibre

Consumption of cereal fibre, mixtures of whole grains and bran, and whole grains and risk reduction in type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2013) Cho et al

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Health Benefits of Cereal Fibre

A review of clinical trials. Nutrition Research Review (2011) 24, 118-131 Smith and Tucker.

Why Resistant Starch is Good for You

The Microbiology of Resistant Starch Fermentation

The Microbiology of Resistant Starch Fermentation in the Human Large Intestine: A Host of Unanswered Questions. Flint. Resistant Starch: Sources, Applications and Health Benefits (2013) John Wiley and Sons (Eds Shi and Maningat)

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Resistant Starch and Protein Intake

Resistant starch and protein intake enhances fat oxidation and feelings of fullness in lean and overwieight/obese women. Nutrition Journal (2015) 14 113-27. Gentile et al.

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Micronuntrients and Dietary Fibre.

Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand.

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Unraveling the Truth About Antioxidants.

Mitohoresis explains ROS-induced health benefits. Nature Medicine (2014) 20, 709-10. Ristow.

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Barley β-Glucan Consumption

Barley β-Glucan Consumption Decreases Serum Cholesterol Level and Increases 7 alpha-Hydroxy-4-Cholesten-3-One Level in Hypercholesterolemic Adults. FASEB Journal (2013) 27, 1078. Wang et al.

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Oat β-Glucan

Its Role in Health Promotion and Prevention of Diseases. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety (2012) 11, 355-364. Daou and Zhang

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Ultra-low Gluten Barley

Creation of the first ultra-low gluten barley (Horeum vulgarum L.) for coeliac and gluten-intolerant populations. Plant Biotechnology Journal (2015) Tanner et al.

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Defining a Healthy Human Gut Microbiome

Current Concepts, Future Directions, and Clinical Applications. Cell Host & Microbe (2012) 12, 611-621. Backhed at al.

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Executive Summary

Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics – 2016 Update

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Meta-analyses of Colorectal Cancer Risk Factors.

Cancer Causes Control (2013) 24, 1207-22. Johnson et al.

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Diet, Microbiota, and Dysbiosis

A ‘recipe’ for colorectal cancer. Food Function (2016) Vipperla and O”Keefe

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The Politics of Reducing Malnutrition

building commitment and accelerating progress. The Lancet (2013) 382, 552-569 Gillespie et al.

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Dietary Fibre and Type 2 Diabetes

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Gut Microbiota and Blood Sugar

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Effects of Low Glycemic Index

Long-term effects of low glycemic index/load vs. high glycemic index/load on parameters of obesity and obesity-associated risks: A systematic review and meta-analysis.   Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases (2013) 23, 699-706. Schwingshacki and Hoffmann.

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