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Hi! I’m Teri Lichtenstein, The Healthy Grain brand ambassador. Thanks for stopping by! Here’s a little about me…

I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist. For almost two decades I have worked with companies and organisations to help improve the nutritional profile of their products and services to improve the health of people all over the world.

My philosophy focuses on eating as many natural whole foods as possible, whilst enjoying the convenience of every day products to fit into a busy lifestyle. The Healthy Grain Company embraces this philosophy, by providing 100% natural and nutritionally superior whole grains to enhance the health and wellbeing for all. As a producer of natural whole grains and a supplier to the food industry, The Healthy Grain is able to help food companies add more whole grain goodness to their products, and thereby allow consumers to enjoy convenient, tasty and nutritious food to help achieve optimal digestive health.

I have worked with The Healthy Grain for a number of years and am proud to be the Brand Ambassador. My goal is to help communicate the unique brand qualities and health benefits to my nutrition colleagues, food companies and consumers.

I believe that good digestive health is integral to achieving optimal well-being. My desire is to empower food companies and individuals to incorporate these superior grains into every day foods, and become more informed about the role of these 100% natural whole grains.

I will be sharing my nutrition thoughts and insights through our blog and if you have any questions about our products, wholegrains or digestive health, please feel free to get in touch with me.



BSc(Hons), MNutrDiet, Grad, Dip Business


Intended as general advice only. Consult your health care professional to discuss any specific concerns.

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